Medical Updates

By addressing the health related issues at early stages, one can make himself or herself happy and prolong life span. Unusual and new symptoms should not be neglected.

Nutrition and psychological ailments leading to gastrointestinal diseases are very common.

On one side, high calories can lead to obesity with associated diseases like diabetes, heart disease and respiratory problems. Under-nutrition can lead to vitamin deficiency and anemia on other side.

Consult Doctor immediately if you feel that something is not appropriate in body functioning.

Hepatitis C Update

This is quite encouraging that chronic hepatitis C infection is now curable before development of cirrhosis. However even after early cirrhosis, cure of hepatitis C can lead to stabilization of liver condition for life. Medicines are now available at very affordable cost for common person. We also facilitate delivery of medicines for hepatitis C at our centre at a cost much below MRP. Side effects of these medicines are minimal and easily tolerable.

Hepatitis B Update

This virus is also easily treatable now and level of hepatitis B DNA can be brought to below threshold with orally available medicines. However complete eradication of hepatitis B virus has still not been achieved. But it is pertinent that bringing DNA below threshold can prevent deadly complications of hepatitis B infection.

Emergence of endoscopic ultrasound

This new tool has brought the interventions in Gastroenterology at new heights.An ultrasound probe is attached at the tip of endoscope which is introduced in moth and then to intestine.This shows ultrasound pictures of abdominal organs frominside. Needle samples and biopsies can be taken form suspicious masses. Fluid collections can be darained by this technique. Large surgeries were required for these procedures before this tool

Treatment of Gastrointestinal bleeding

All new techniques for control of GI bleeding are now available.Hemo-spray powder leads to coagulation of protein powder over bleeding spots and leads to closure of bleeding. Clip and loops are available for routine use now. Abnormal communication between two organs (like food pipe and trachea) can now be closed by large clips known as Oveso clips. These all major abnormalities were treated in past by large surgeries.

Treatment of Psychological intestinal diseases

Intestine is very sensitive organ. It is like ‘touch me not’plant. Ant turbulence in brain thoughts is briskly transmitted to intestine and disturbs its rhythm.This is the reason that most of the problemsof intestine are there during day hours. Because during sleep, intestine also sleeps. Now numerous drugs are available to target malfunctioning of intestine because of distorted thoughts.